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an image of some very pretty purple and red stars
Galaxia rosada y morada.
the night sky is filled with stars and bright green lights, as well as many other things
Space light wallpaper by gorkemdurdu - Download on ZEDGE™ | 52dc
an image of the heart shaped object in space
Billions and Billions
an image of a large star cluster in the middle of space with stars all around it
View of Pillar and Jets HH 901902 by Amanda Struz
✯ View of Pillar and Jets - NASA
an image of a very bright blue ring in the middle of space with stars around it
GEORGE & BRAD TAKEI Present: Team Takei
This object, called the Helix nebula, lies 650 light-years away in the constellation of Aquarius. Also known by the catalog number NGC 7293, it is a typical example of a class of objects...
an image of a spiral galaxy in the night sky with blue and purple stars around it
Mobile Wallpaper
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