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the legs and feet of a woman in high heels are shown from above, as well as an object that appears to have been made out of plastic
od-dolls: Talaria shoes for Beastie
a doll is standing on top of a silver stand with her arms spread out to the side
Marmite Sue Angel | 34cm tall porcelain doll, now on display at Bunkamura gallery in Tokyo
a doll with long hair standing in front of reindeer statues
OOAK Monster High Werewolf #OOAKbyJuliSidorova #JuliSidorova #OOAKMonsterHigh #MonsterHigh #OOAK #Doll #ООАКМонстерХай #МонстерХай #Оборотень #Werewolf #OOAKWerewolf
OOAK Monster High Werewolf #OOAKbyJuliSidorova #JuliSidorova #OOAKMonsterHigh #MonsterHigh #OOAK #Doll #ООАКМонстерХай #МонстерХай #Оборотень #Werewolf #OOAKWerewolf
a green mermaid figurine sitting on top of a white and green sea shell
Custom MH Dolls by aleks_tiamat
a doll with long white hair wearing a black dress
Shillien | Melenka
There's a white one I posted that reminds me a lot of this one. Maybe it's the same artist.
a skeleton doll with green hair and flowers on her head, holding a knife in one hand
custom ooak skelita monster high
custom ooak skelita monster high | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a black doll with white hair and gold accents on it's body, holding a hoop
two dolls are dressed up in halloween costumes
Custom MH Dolls by candys_dolls
a doll with long hair and blue eyes is laying on the ground in front of a wall
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a blue doll with gold designs on it's body and legs, standing in front of a table
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a woman in an elaborate dress with pearls on her head
Beautifulest....also its twistedly realistic. I love her. (Ummm twistedly is a word to me muhahaha LOL)