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garden art created by kareen weiigert - enos is featured in this book
Garden Art Ball Idea Gallery — Empress of Dirt
A gallery of garden art balls created by Karen Weigert Enos | Seraphinas Artworks
a white vase filled with purple and white flowers
Pansies and dusty miller in hanging container #OrganicGardeningTips
a garden shed with flowers and a watering can
At My Garden Gate
I wanna use my old barn door on the screen wall that will hide my compost bins. Cool idea here
two large yellow flowers with green leaves against a bright blue sky in the day time
Teddy Bear Sunflowers - A Cuddly Giant Flower
Teddy Bear Sunflowers - A Cuddly Giant Flower -
an indoor swimming pool surrounded by glass walls and tiled flooring, with water running down the side
Nice small pool idea, perfect way to still have some yard area left for the kids to play. Plus it's zero entry!