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Faux brick and stone design ideas that improve curb appeal. Whether you're a DIYer or you're hiring a contractor, there's a faux stone siding panel that will…
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How faux stone columns are better than real stone! Diy Exterior, Stone Siding Panels, Faux Stone Siding, Column Wraps, Decorative Columns, Stone Siding, Exterior Renovation, Stone Columns, Faux Brick
Faux Stone Columns - Better Than the Real Thing!
Stone columns look fantastic – you can get many design advantages when you 'go faux' and choose our exterior faux stone column wraps! There are many benefits of choosing faux stone over the real thing. They are affordable, easy to install, have a genuine look, and are pratical! Our blog dives into the many reasosn why you should consider a faux stone decorative column instead of real masonry. Keep reading at the link below!
Faux Wood column wrap seen in customer's home. Exterior install shot of stone column. Stone And Brick Exterior, Stone Mailbox, House Columns, Outdoor Columns, Front Porch Columns
Stone and Brick House Columns: Before and After Photos from Homeowners
Adding bold, natural-looking elements to your home’s exterior is a wonderful way to transform it into the most impressive house on the block. Your home’s outdoor features like columns, deck supports, mailbox, and driveway entry are great places to add the visual interest you crave. Faux brick and stone column wraps and sleeves have the same look and texture as natural stone and brick, without the expense and weight. Read on to learn how you can use faux brick and stacked stone column wraps.
Mobile Home Skirting ideas and mobile home front porch ideas Home Front Porch Ideas, Mobile Home Front Porch Ideas, Mobile Home Front Porch, Stone Siding Exterior, Home Skirting, Mobile Home Skirting, Home Front Porch, Stone Veneer Panels
Mobile Home Front Porch Ideas & Skirting
Mobile home skirting can give your home a facelift and make it sit beautifully in your community, or it can simply cover foundation blocks and other unattractive features. Give your mobile home or trailer a permanent look with faux materials that tie in with your local environment. Choose from faux brick, rock, stone, or wood panels in a range of colors to suit your style. Read on for ideas about how you can make trailer skirting work for you. Find mire mobile home front porch ideas here!
Transform Your Porch and Patio With Barron Designs!
Barron Designs offers stunning realistic faux wood, brick, and stone products that you can use to transform your patio or exterior sitting area. All of these images show past customer submissions that have used Barron Designs faux stone wall panels in their stunning patio makeovers. From patio bars, to a backyard hot tub area. Design the backyard, or front yard or your dreams with faux decor products from Barron Designs! Follow us for more patio design and exterior decor ideas!
a stone veneer to improve a home's foundation with text reading read more using stone veneer to improve a home's foundation
Using Stone Veneer To Improve A Home Foundation
The foundation of your home contributes to its overall curb appeal in a big way. Exterior paint and landscaping can disguise an ugly foundation, but each of those is susceptible to chipping, staining, and cracking, leaving you with more work to do. Stone veneer panels drastically improve the appearance of your home’s foundation, without the threat of damage from outdoor elements and pests. Almost indistinguishable from real stone. Click the link below to keep reading on using stone veneer.
Patio with faux stone column cover Stone Column Wrap, Porch Columns Makeover, Porch Post Ideas, Porch Column Wraps, Porch Pillars, Front Porch Addition, Stone Porches
Patio Design With Stone Columns
Elevate your patio in just a few days, or weekend with our faux stone columns. Barron Designs offers many attainable faux products that are molded from real stone, brick or wood. Our faux columns column covers, and column wraps are the perfect solution to add detail to any average post or pole. You don't have to break the bank to design a patio or porch you love for the summer, just shop Barron Designs.
Exterior of home with faux corbels and southwestern décor. Southwestern Architecture, Brick Home Remodel, Modern Southwest Style, Southwest Style Home, Pueblo Revival, Modern Southwestern
Guide to Exterior Southwestern Architecture
The Modern Southwest Style home, which is frequently seen in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, is derived from a mixture of influences from indigenous peoples and early Spanish settlers. This architecture, also known as “Pueblo Revival Style,” is characterized by the prevalent use of wood, warm earth tones, sloping or flat roof lines, beautiful stacked stone, and wide porches. These homes also made use of natural earth tones to blend into the surroundings. Click the link below to read more!
Rustic warm earth stone house in new Mexico with faux viga tails. Exterior Home Designs, Wood Beam
Using Viga Tails In Exterior Home Designs
Take any ordinary wall inside or outside your home to the next level with the addition of viga tails. A viga is a long, rounded wood beam that is often seen jutting out from the sides of a home. A viga tail is what you see protruding from the surface of a wall. Viga tails were originally used for structural support, but can also be purely for decoration. Viga tails are most often found on a home's exterior, Read more for design ideas with faux viga tails!
Side of house with faux stone wall panel installed. Up close detailed shot of the stone panel. Faux Wall, Improve Curb Appeal, Faux Walls
A Guide To Installing Faux Wall Panels Around Corners
Faux wall panels are an innovative design alternative to real building materials. Their list of advantages goes on from their cost effectiveness to their ease of installation. Installing faux wall panels around corners can seem a little tricky. With Barron Designs products like endcaps and interlocking corners, it has never been easier. Allowing your projects to reach new levels and touch boundaries that real masonry can not. Read our blog for your guide to installing fuax panels around corners
Exterior backyard patio with faux stone accent wall around poolside area. Exterior Patio Ideas
Exterior Patio Ideas
Make your exterior patio feel like an oasis with faux decor products from Barron Designs! Can you believe that stone wall is faux? The perfect backyard patio or pool side spot. Our faux wall panes are perfect for outdoors as they are strongly resistant to weather conditions, warping, and cracking. They won't get pests, and they are a cost effective renovation option. Add curb appeal to your exterior and backyard today!
Porch and patio design with faux stone column sleeve. Wood Column Wrap, Porch Post Wraps, Column Wrap, Post Cover
Patio Design With Faux Stone Column
Upgrading your patio is the best way to add curb appeal to your home. The exterior of your space is important because it is the first thing people see when they look at your home. Our faux stone columns sleeves are the perfect weekend project you ca complete. Just slide our columns over your exsiting post or pole! See more design inspiration and our mnay faux column styles on our website!
before and after photos of a house with rocks on the ground in front of it
Give your exterior a neat look with our Windsor Slate Stone Wall Panels in Pewter. It's an attractive foundation cover for better curb appeal and landscaping.
a brick chimney on the side of a house
Barron Designs
Chimneys are commonly lined with brick or stone but real masonry can be costly, heavy and time consuming. Luckily, a beautiful DIY chimney design is easily within your reach with faux brick and stone – an alternative solution that is long-lasting, lightweight, easy to install and withstands the elements. #chimney #stackedstone #exterior #fauxpanels