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I love the Walking Dead!

Screw the Governor and his shit, we have Daryl.

Lol...I literally just watched the part with Bob and his leg...

In heaven chillin together yo RIP Hershel Season RIP Bob Season

Take a lesson from Odin on dealing with an adopted child, and then don't do anything he does or says to do.

My husband is adopted and he would think this is hilarious (as an adult of course). Haha - how not to tell your kid he is adopted.

Siri - Assemble the Avengers from Daily Jokes | #Humor #Avengers #Jokes

mobile phone texting autocorrect - This Must Be Before Nick Fury Lost His Eye

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wouldn't it make more sence if u put spider+man=spiderman or bat+man=batman I mean come on but the last one I laughed super hard xD