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a person using a brush to paint an art project on a piece of wood with blue and green swirls
Paste Papering the Forest - Waterfall Arts
an abstract painting with wavy lines on it's surface in blue, green and yellow
Making Paste Paper
an abstract painting with blue and white waves
Conserve this!: Photo
I'm a professional library/archives conservator, currently ensconced in a large university library. I fix books of all kinds and do my best to make archival collections last longer.
an open book with spiral designs on the front and back cover is shown in three different colors
Books Covered in Paste Paper
a woman rolling out dough on top of a table
making pastepapers: three lectures « shackled in bookspace
an abstract painting with blue and white colors on the water's surface is shown
Exhibition: Paste Papers of the Pioneer Valley, January-May 2012
an open book sitting on top of a white table next to a red and black object
Paste Paper Tutorial
an abstract painting with lines and colors on the surface, including red, yellow, orange, and black
Paste Papers
a person cutting fabric on top of a table
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