Helpful resources to help me (us) understand mLearning in education better.
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two men in suits hold up tablet computers with bubbles on the screen, both holding their hands together
10 Commandments of BYOD
a circular diagram with the words, library with room ten learn create shop on it
literacy cycle
literacy cycle at Pt England School
the nature of learning using research to inspire practice
The Nature of Learning summary
the key pedagoical approaches for students to learn and use in their classroom
Virtual Learning Network
an orange and black logo with the words enfabling e - learning teaching on it
e-Competencies / Curriculum learning areas / Teaching / enabling e-Learning - enabling eLearning
The five e-learning competencies are: e-Awareness Digital literacy Media literacy Informational literacy Technological literacy
the 12 principals of modern learning are shown in this chart, which shows how they learn to
12 Principles Of Modern Learning - | E-Learning-Inclusivo (Mashup)
12 Principles Of Modern Learning - | E-Learning-Inclusivo (Mashup) |
a poster with the words, how to create an origami paper bird in the classroom
Padlet in the Classroom – Amber Calderon
Digital bulletin board to help teachers with technology in the classroom! Kids can collaborate on this virtual wall for many different topics! I especially like the last reason! Great list of ideas and activities!
an orange and white cat is running with a speech bubble above it that says, how to use scratch for digital story telling
Sign in | Common Sense Education
How to Use Scratch for Digital Storytelling | Common Sense Education
there is a poster with the words in the classroom and an image of a laptop
How to Use a Split Screen to Increase Productivity in the Classroom
How to Use a Split Screen to Increase Productivity in the classroom using Chromebooks, laptops, computers or iPads.
the key differences between learning and machine learning infographical poster with text explaining how to use machine learning
Difference Between E-Learning and M-Learning - Shift E-Learning
The use of technology in learning has become increasingly popular in this day and age. As technology advances, educators and instructors need to find strategies to utilize online and mobile learning to effectively teach this generation of learners.
a pink book cover with the text how to use qr codes in the classroom
How to Use QR Codes in the Classroom
How to Use QR Codes, Create QR Codes, and 10 ways to use QR codes in the classroom.
a screen shot of a website with the text meaning in new zealand secondary school case study
MLearning in a New Zealand Secondary School: A Case Study
This research sought to understand the following: how teachers use various mobile technologies for learning, what issues arise that impede this, what benefits emerge if any, and what students' experiences are of using these devices as part of their subject learning.
a computer desk with a lamp on it and a sign that says playful learning in front of the monitor
Viewing mobile learning from a pedagogical perspective | Research in Learning Technology
This paper unpacks a pedagogical framework - developed from two mobile learning projects (Australia and UK) from a socio-cultural perspective.
the cover of mobile education lessons from 35 education experts on improve learning with mobile technology
Mobile Education
35 educators talk about the benefits of mobile learning for students. Their ideas are captured and reframed as Key Lessons.
a hand holding a smart phone with the text what is melaning?
mLearning - #gdite
Helpful resources to help me (us) understand mLearning in education better.