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an advertisement for the movie jaw in the water with a man swimming over it and another poster above him
6 Ways to Get Through the BBC Sherlock Hiatus | The Mary Sue
part of me can't believe i am even pinning this, but it's also hilarious.
Benedict’s hologram photobombing himself
spongebob and other cartoon characters with caption that reads, a short sumary of
Doctor Strange Poster - Created by Oli Riches Marvel Comics, Avengers, Marvel Posters, Superhero Poster, Superhero Wallpaper, Doctor Strange Poster, Marvel Wallpaper, Avengers Wallpaper
Doctor Strange Poster - Created by Oli Riches
two men in suits are standing at the top of a spiral staircase and one man is holding his hands up
estychan: “britishbennyc: “benedictsbigdick: “Me seducing yo man ” Oh my gOD ” BENEDICT, WHAT ”
a man in a suit and flower crown standing next to another man with flowers on his head
Moriarty's Skull
I don't know why this exists but I love it
a man in a suit is holding a microphone and talking to someone on the phone
Charley Takaya
Benedict Cumberbatch and his cake Khan
Arkarti - Professional, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
*gif* my new favourite gif #benedict cumberbatch #sherlock
two men with their arms crossed, one is wearing a black coat and the other has white hair
Once a BAMF, always a BAMF
You only get better looking. ❤️
the storyboard shows how to draw an animated character
I love you more than Mycroft loves his umbrella.
This hurt me more than it should have.... To the person who pinned this before me I want to say that this hurt everyone more than it should have
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the caption, do you want to know
#doctorstrange I SHOULD NOT HAVE LAUGHED SO HARD WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY <<<Why is this so funny??
i'm a cumbercookie sticker with a man in a cookie
Cumbercookies are the best.
two men standing on the side of a road with text that reads, that shramma place stark told me about is around here somewhere somewhere
BENELOCK™ (@nicole5castle) on Twitter
Strangely hungry.
an image of some cartoon characters with captioning in spanish and english on the bottom
Dormamu I've come to bargain.. - Funny
Dormamu I've come to bargain.. - 9GAG