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What you do for a standard plank is put your hands directly under your shoulders and keep them there. The back of your knees should be towards the ceiling.

Oh that cardigan! And love the flowy white top under it. #street #style / casual leather + olive cardigan

Casual chic fall look - white shirt, skinny jeans, olive long asymmetrical cardigan, brown short boots.//Love the OLIVE cardigan. Needing a long cardigan!

Bhujangasana aka cobra pose |

Backbends are known for stengthening the back and stretching the front side of the body. They are also great for strengthening the hamstring. Cobra or upward facing dog is nice warm-up pose for deeper backbends.


Yoga anatomy - virabhadrasana II - Warrior Pose III - via Leslie Kaminoff

Garudasana aka eagle pose |

yoga Garudasana (Eagle pose) Benefits — Strengthens and stretches the ankles and calves — Stretches the thighs, hips, shoulders, and upper back — Improves concentration — Improves sense of balance