French Desserts Recipes

Authentic recipes of traditional French desserts: French cakes, eclairs, French tarts, Yule Log, Buche de Noel, puff pastries, French cookies, custards, French macaroons, and macarons. Simple and fancy French chocolate desserts perfect for tea and coffee time, le goûter, brunch, and dinner.
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two pictures of chocolate cake with the words most chocolate cake recipe on top and bottom
Moist Chocolate Cake (5 Ingredients)
This SUPER moist Chocolate Cake is a winner of the table! Rich and decadent, soft and fluffy, this super-moist five-ingredient cake is made in one hour! Could you resist not making it? This easy and quick recipe is a keeper! |
chocolate covered dessert with caramel sauce and ice cream on it sitting on a plate
Dark Chocolate Terrine (Gluten-free Recipe)
Chocolate Terrine is a rich, dense, and silky dark chocolate dessert for any chocolate lover. It is shaped like half-spheres, has a smooth, delicate texture, and is served individually with a caramel sauce. You can also pair it with a fruit sauce, fresh fruit, or crème Anglaise. The recipe is very easy. What's more? It is gluten-free!
christmas cake with mushrooms and cranberries on top is shown in the foreground text reads, christmas buche de noel step - by - by - step guide with photos
Bûche De Noël (Yule Log cake) Step-by-step Guide
Here is a classic Bûche De Noël, or Yule Log cake, a stunning Christmas dessert made of chocolate sponge cake, airy whipped cream, and rich dark chocolate ganache. Grab my step-by-step detailed guide to make a showstopping dessert this holiday season!
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Candied Almonds (Pink Praline) Made in 20 Minutes!
Candied Almonds, French Pink Praline, or rose praline are almonds coated with caramelized and colored sugar. This easy 5 ingredient recipe is a treasure during Christmas time: it's made in 20 minutes! These sugared almonds are gluten-free and kid-friendly and make a great snack and a fabulous holiday edible gift. |
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Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe
Homemade whipped cream, or crème fouettée. It is a French basic cream suitable for garnishing fresh fruit, crepes, or mug cakes. Learn how to make the best, easy homemade whipped cream recipe at
French Madeleines Without Mold (Use Muffin Pan Instead!)
No madeleine mold? No Problem! Learn how to bake French madeleines without pan!. Here is a step-by-step recipe that will teach you everything you need to know about baking these delicious tea cakes. This post is a part of the Madeleine series on how to make perfect madeleines. |
fresh berries, raspberries and blueberries are arranged in the shape of a cake
French Mille Feuille | Baking Like a Chef
Learn how to make the best French Mille Feuille topped with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and edible flowers. |
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EASY Diplomat Cream (Creme Diplomate)
Diplomat Cream, or Crème Diplomate, is one of those classic creams of French origin. This cream is perfect for filling cream puffs, cakes, puff pastries, and more. Made with French pastry cream, gelatin, and whipped cream, it's a simple and delicious recipe you must try. Visit
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How To Brown Butter (Foolproof Recipe) | baking Like a Chef
How to make brown butter? Discover all the tips, tricks, and techniques for making beurre noisette (hazelnut butter or brown butter). Due to its delicate hazelnut flavor, it is perfect for making chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and other favorite desserts. Grab a step-by-step guide on how to brown butter like a pro. |
a cake with white frosting on top and the words gateau nantass above it
French Almond Rum Cake (Gateau Nantais) | Baking Like a Chef
French almond rum cake made with five basic ingredients, flavored with rum, and covered with rum icing. With a soft texture and a beautiful almond profile, the cake is perfect for morning coffee or afternoon tea. |
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Super MOIST Chocolate Cake | Baking Like a Chef
This SUPER moist Chocolate Cake is a winner of the table! Rich and decadent, soft and fluffy, this super-moist five-ingredient cake is made in one hour! Could you resist not making it? This easy and quick recipe is a keeper! |
a red plate topped with donuts covered in powdered sugar
Nun's Farts (Pets de Nonne) | Baking Like a Chef
Nuns' farts or Pets de Noone are small deep-fried beignets donuts and an old-fashioned French dessert. It's an easy choux pastry recipe to make the best snack ever to serve all year round. These choux fritters are just the best! |
french riza au lait rice pudding with step - by - step instructions is an easy and delicious dessert
Riz Au Lait (French Rice Pudding) | Baking Like a Chef
French rice pudding, or riz au lait, is an easy and quick stovetop French dessert perfect for breakfast, brunch, or elegant dinner. Made with milk, cream, sugar, and real vanilla bean, it is a classic known by every French grandmother. | www.
the best french brioche with step by step instructions
Soft And Fluffy French Brioche | Baking Like a Chef
Learn how to make the best French brioche bread: soft, fluffy, and utterly irresistible. Whether you're craving a mouthwatering breakfast, a delightful brunch, or a delectable French toast or brioche pudding, this recipe gets you covered. |
the best homemade gingerbread bread recipe is made with fresh ingredients and ready to be eaten
Pain d'epices (French Gingerbread Loaf)
Pain d'epices is a French gingerbread loaf, a spiced quick bread with holiday spices and festive flavors, perfect for celebrating Christmas. Baked as mini loaves, it makes a great edible gift|