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op art:

Not only will your students wil . "LOVE" these Op Art Hearts Coloring Pages, but you can also sneak in some lessons about colors as you have them choose a color scheme to color them in.

Springston Te Reo : Mihi for Kids

These resources have been gathered as part of our school professional development for 2013 with The Wānanga o Aotearoa. Kia ora to our kaiako Anaru and Tettere for sowing the seeds.

Original Pin - Have students write their names on the side of a sheet of paper (first or both first and last). Then have them write one simile that describes them for each letter in their name. Kids can decorate them however they like and the acrostic simile poems can be hung above all student's desks for display. Great way to practice using similes! by lee

Original Pin - Have students write their names on the side of a sheet of paper…

We aren't in Kansas anymore....    #Tornadoes #LDSEmergencyResources

This worksheet goes with the science experiment Tornado in a Bottle. It asks questions about what they observed and also requires them to draw a picture of what they saw.

Here's a nice idea for a notebook entry on reading temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit and making connections to hot and cold.

Temperature - Have students colour in relation to what they think is cold, hot, etc. Then add more words that they relate to temperature around. Add to this during lesson/unit/term/etc to connect science and math and language arts

Types of Clouds - Engaging Activities to Help Retain Information

Fun song about clouds. A great way to get students excited about what they are about to learn and provide them with a good way to remember facts about the clouds.

Worksheets: How Tornadoes Form

Do you know how tornadoes form?This science worksheet diagrams what is known about what causes tornadoes to form.