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a man in a suit with a red rose on his head is surrounded by color swatches
New series
a drawing of many different kinds of cactus in vases on a white background with blue ink
Dirt + Honey
an old book with black and white designs on the cover, in front of a beige background
Heads Make a Mountain drawing
i love to doodle
a drawing of a man standing in front of a building with a ladder above it
Gallery of Library and Culture Centre / Primus Arkitekter - 17
Gallery - Library and Culture Centre / Primus Architects - 17
a book cover with buildings painted on it and the words'book cover'written in white
Artist Sketches Each Lonely City He Moves To
Architectural Sketches - Artist Sketches Each Lonely City He Moves To - Zachary Johnson
Model Drawing, Drawing Illustrations
a drawing of a person sitting in a room with an open door on the wall
ARCHITECTURAL COLOR SKETCHES | 265 Mourning House / Pascal Arquitectos Mexico City, Mexico.
several drawings of boats are shown in black and white
人人 - 加入人人,找到老同学,结识新朋友
an architectural drawing of a building with stairs and people walking up the side of it
Places of Un-named Possibilities
an architectural drawing of a building with many lines and shapes on it's side
A Visionary Office Space proposed for One Canada Square in London by Esjieun Architecture
this is a drawing of an old building in the middle of town with a clock tower
John Ruskin, Abbeville
John Ruskin(British, 1819-1900) Abbeville 1852
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with geometric lines on it
Geometric Portraits - Ink
Geometric Portraits - Ink by Allison Kunath, via Behance
three different pictures with birds in the sky and one has an image of a bird on it
The Makers Collective — String Art
embroidered photographs... kinda weird but kinda awesome and something I think I want to try
an image of a line drawing of three people standing in front of each other with their hands together
i dreamt - karolina koryl