Aysun Kokcu

Aysun Kokcu

Auckland, New Zealand
Aysun Kokcu
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serene, living in haiku on the north shore of maui. my life consists of surfing and being awkward. follow me on instagram: serene_gunnison

Colors of Puglia, Italy I just love this:) I wouldn't say as beautiful as a bouquet or posy of flowers, but, it is very lovely:)


Istanbul - It looks like a sacred place; somewhere The Gods or God would visit or at the top maybe He could even live when He visits Us!...close to the Heavens! Nola West **** **** **** **** **** Know someone looking to hire top tech talent? Email me at

» city slicker » concrete jungle » street shops » traffic lights » fashion forward » restaurants » musicians » street performers » museums » multicultural »

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