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never, ever, ever buy tortillias again. they are wayy easy, and cheap to make at home!

Flour Tortillas: I've tried other flour tortilla recipes before, and I enjoyed this one the most. The tortillas were pliable and not greasy (even though I used lard!

for the to raise a happy child... absolutely awesome pic showing what type of child you have and how to meet there needs by the way they express themselves.. soo helpful as another perspective on things

How to raise a happy, successful, cooperative child. It looks like my son is a mix of The Fun-Loving Child and The Determined Child.

Fun to say

See you later Alligator In a while Crocodile Bye bye Butterfly Be sweet Parakeet Give a hug Ladybug See ya soon Raccoon Out the door Dinosaur Take care Polar Bear So long King Kong Blow a kiss Goldfish Toodle loo Kangaroo

Praying Scripture for our children

31 Ways to Pray for Your Children in a printable PDF. Gives 31 specific prayer focuses with scripture reference.


Funny pictures about Thug Kitchen. Oh, and cool pics about Thug Kitchen. Also, Thug Kitchen.

If Dora were a Movie... This is so funny and worth watching

For us moms who have seen enough Dora for a lifetime! Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer – This trailer is brought to us by CollegeHumor and stars Ariel Winter from Modern Family. The trailer is a parody and there are no plans for a live action Dora.

74 Benefits and uses of Vinegar

75 Benefits Of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar- the natural remedy that works for everything! (It's not easy to drink this, but I try to at least once a day.