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a baby gorilla standing next to an adult gorilla
Gorilla Mind-Meld (photo by Tyler Green)  Fun...
a green mask with orange spots on it's face
Turquoise Betseda, Tomàs Barceló
an old mask hanging on the wall next to a white wall with a red face
RED VINNA, Tomàs Barceló
a statue of a boy with horns on it's head and hands in his body
WINNA-T, Tomàs Barceló
a close up of a wooden head on a wall
Cali Betseda, Tomàs Barceló
an old statue with flowers on it's head
a close up of a statue of a person's head with brown paint on it
Stunningly Beautiful Sculpted Busts by Gosia
a wooden sculpture of a woman's head
// Open your eyes | rust edition