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I would love this... ^^I DISNEY CRUISE THIS. --- Wow. That's a LARGE ship there.

An amazing good fan art story. This is so cool. I thought the rabbit was supposed to be Luna's patronus at first. If you don't ship Jelsa already, this will make you ship it.

Truth: " Women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego "


Frozen~Anna turning to ice.notice how the sword freezes before it touches her, that's how cold she was with a frozen heart

Laughed so fricken hard!!

There's wifi here. Hahahaha, people use to stand in the corner because they were in trouble. Now they do it willingly for wifi.


I am physically unable to handle this gif. I hope my future husband looks at me on our wedding day like this.

Lol yes!!!!!!

haha, of course, I do the dishes a LOT and we don't use a dishwasher, so I know exactly how many plates we have! LoL there is a something wrong it's eight thousand salad plates