Presentation Ideas for Sketchbooks

Examples of sketchbooks to inspire me to start presenting more creatively.
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three stacks of papers with different pictures on them and one has an image of a man in
artist journal by Gerard Lange
many different types of art work on display
Ideas for Abstraction: A Top in the World International GCSE Art Exam
High school art exam project by Tarika Sabherwal, based on the topic: 'A bunch of keys'. An excellent example showing the journey from realism to abstraction - awarded Top in the World! (100%)
an open book with altered images on it
Mixed media journal pages by night + VIDEO tutorials
an open notebook with some writing on it and a clock in the middle is sitting on a table
Prima Engraver Papers...
I like the color on this. Natural tones worth a splash of vibrant color-fh Scrap, Paper, Scissors: Prima Engraver Papers...
an old rusted metal plate with different colors
LuAnn Ostergaard Photography Artist | Artful Home
Ethereal Echoes, Available in loose prints or box mounted.
an open book with many different pictures and words on the pages, including paper work
I like the layout of this sketchbook as it's a bit more messy compared to my other posts. I like the use of annotation and different papers to give it a collage textured look. I also like the idea of annotating on masking tape.
an open book with paint splattered on it
by ashleyg, via Flickr
an open notebook with colorful paint splattered on the pages and paper clips attached to it
Online support covering all aspects of applying to art college.
an open book with pictures of bugs and insects on it's pages, including one beetle
Sue Brown Printmaker
Sue Brown Printmaker
an open notebook with pictures and text on the pages, all lined up in different directions
A Level Textiles: Beautiful Sketchbook Pages
Fashion Textiles Sketchbook - drawings and fabric sampling; gathering ideas, developing designs, design interpretations in fabric
an abstract painting with red and orange colors on the side of a building, including two peppers
A-level painting based on decaying fruit and veg @ HighcrestAcademy