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some art supplies are laying out on a wooden table with paper and paintbrushes
Your pasta machine is good for more than pasta or polymer clay
three heart shaped ornaments hanging from strings on a white surface with blue, pink and green designs
15+ Easy Polymer Clay Ideas
Get started today with over 15 Polymer Clay Ideas that are fun for kids and adults. Choose a polymer clay tutorial and be prepared to have a blast.
a colorful cake sitting on top of a white table
Learn how to make a polymer clay pot, including tie-dye patterns!
the bead is laying on top of the table next to some cards and other items
Children's Art Ideas: Swirled Rainbow Clay Beads
Craft these Swirly Clay Rainbow Beads with your young artists. Such an easy mess-free art craft project for kids to do at home! Clay beads DIY
three pieces of art hanging from strings on a wooden wall
Kid Made Polymer Clay Necklaces
Kids use their hands to squeeze together bits of polymer clay and then use a flattening machine to make these unusual and colorful necklaces.
clay crafts for kids perfect for a rainy day
Clay Crafts for Kids
Keep the kids busy on a rainy day with one of these fun clay crafts for kids. There is something for everyone on this list!
there are many bowls that have been made with polymer clay and paper machs on the table
How to Make Coil Pots with Polymer Clay
Learn how to make simple coil pots using polymer clay. Easy and colorful clay project for kids!
an open cardboard box filled with plasticine figurines sitting on top of a wooden table
Create a Plasticine Diorama
The girls created plasticine diorama sfor their art class, which has provided hours of fun for them. Plasticine dioramas can be used to teach more than art!
a person using a stamper on some art work
Teachers Play with Plasticine to Make Prints in the Education Room at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge - AccessArt: Sharing Visual Arts Inspiration
a drawing of a rocket taking off into the sky with stars and moon in the background
I Love Making Plasticine Pictures
I Love Making Plasticine Pictures
a piece of paper with flowers on it and clouds in the sky over water behind it
In the Art Studio: Plasticine Art Inspired by Barbara Reid