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two polar bears standing on their hind legs in the snow with their paws raised up
Polar Bears
Polar bears
two brown bears cuddle together in the woods
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Мать и дитя - Источник
a bear and its cub are standing on top of each other in the tall grass
a brown bear is walking through the woods
Upward Bound
three brown bears are standing in the dirt near some tall grass and trees, with one bear looking at the camera
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Sow and triplet cubs of the year, Katmai National Park, southwest, Alaska.
an adult polar bear with two cubs sitting on the snow in front of white background
Polar bear snuggles
two polar bears playing with each other in the snow
❧ Wild life - Les animaux sauvages ❧
two bears in the woods playing with a dog on a leash and another bear holding a stick
Юрий Васнецов
an image of a bear in the woods with many owls on trees and mushrooms around him
Carnet Imaginaire
Yuri Vasnetsov
a painting of a bear floating in the water next to a boat with two people on it
Travis Shilling
an adult polar bear with two cubs sitting on the snow in front of white background
An Unlikely Priority
Polar bear and cubs
a polar bear sitting on top of an iceberg in the middle of the ocean
Polar Bear | Most Beautiful Pages
a polar bear standing on an ice floet in the water, looking at it's reflection
The Beauty of Wildlife
Living on the edge.
two bears are fighting in the woods with each other
a black bear is looking at the camera with an intense look on it's face
gin 'n' bird
Black bear UP CLOSE. Photo by Jason Carne.
a bear and two children are sitting on the ground in front of a wall hanging
illustration reading
a black and white photo of a bear with it's head resting on its paw
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
©Wolf Ademeit
a brown bear is in the water with his paws up
a brown bear is looking at something in the distance with snow falling on it's face
Bear will give me courage this year.
a group of brown bears climbing up a tree
Animal pictures of the week: 10 June 2011
* * CUB ON TOP: " Whatchoo guys so hang-dog abouts? It be summer, weez be free, it's nots huntin' season.....learns to laff atz yer troubles ands yoo willz nevers runs outta 'tings to laffs atz."
two brown bears sitting next to each other on the ground
Baby boom at Spanish zoo: in pictures
Bear Family -Brown Bear and her twin cubs
a brown bear cub climbing up the side of a tree trunk with it's head hanging down
✯ Awww....
a large brown bear walking through a forest filled with lots of grass and flowers in front of trees
We've Opened The Door Now It's All Coming Through
a brown bear walking through a field of white flowers
Orso bruno
bear + flowers
two teddy bears are eating out of bowls
World News | Daily latest categorised real time breaking World News Updates
Baby bears :)
a wet brown bear standing on its hind legs in the water with it's paws up
Alaskan Brown Bear Cub
three brown bears are sitting on top of a bear cub in the water, while another one stands on it's back
bear cubs on their mother back photo
bear cubs on their mother back photo
a polar bear is looking at someone's face in front of a mirror with the caption hey you, i bet you taste good
Who will blink first? - By J�rgen Schmidt @ foto community
Nice Kermie! by Jorgen Schmidt #Polar_Bear_Girl_Frog #Jorgen_Schmidt
a grizzly bear in the water with two fish
National Geographic Travel Photo Contest Winners
a brown bear with its mouth open in the snow
Endless me
grizzly raises me holding me like an offering of a bundle of sticks to the sun
a black bear standing on top of a tree branch holding onto a log in its mouth
Black bear cub
a large white bear walking across a river next to green moss covered rocks and trees
Cole and The Spirit Bear
This is the rare Kermode Bear, also known as a "spirit bear." Spirit bears are white subspecies of black bears, and live in British Columbia, Canada.
an instagram with a bear and its cub swimming in the water that says i am momma bear
Bad Reputation
bear family swim time//
a black and white photo of a bear climbing up a tree
Mom! Mom! Mom! Are you watching?? Mom! Mom! Look!
a brown bear walking through a lush green forest
2903 by peter holme iii / 500px
Bear Deep In The Forest
a panda bear hanging from a tree branch
24 Funny Animal Memes - Daily LOL Pics
Random Pictures Of The Day – 46 Pics
a brown bear swimming in the water with a quote above it that says, the thoughts of a man's heart are like deep waters, but the discerning man draws them out prove
The Little Hermitage
a polar bear is flying through the air with its tail in the snow and footprints on the ground
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Polar Bear.
two brown bears cuddle together in the woods
two polar bears swimming in the ocean at sunset
Polar bears