Arnya Natoli
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Arrows on arrows on arrows. Drawn with microns in my little red moleskine.
cityscape umbrella art, I personally love this
The Faces Of This Hedgehog
sweet and cute Hedgehog
Hedgehog Bubble Bath
tumblr_mkfh9fo7zo1s83wcko1_500.jpg (500×375)
Love Me Doodle...Is doodling good for our brains? (Speaking for myself, doodling can be very meditative and therapeutic, and it helps with concentration and memory. It enables me to enter into an alpha state; I use it for healing and a sense of serenity, when I am stressed, especially when I have kinetic energy that needs an outlet. --GL)
Diy Drawing Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter I need to try this!
eyes & mouths. facial features