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a white chair sitting on top of a tiled floor
What to Do with an Old Bath ? • Recyclart
Chair made from an old bath
a multicolored object hanging from a red hook on a gray background with blue and white lines
ambience studio’s repurposed LEGO brick light emanates a playful kaleidoscope of color
two cardboard boxes sitting on top of each other in the shape of mcdonald's
gyuhan lee upcycles mcdonald's paper bags into boxy, nongreasy lamps
an electronic device with a red light on it's display stand, sitting on top of a gray surface
Byredo x OJAS BYOJ-01: A Premium Fragrance Diffuser Shaped Like A Speaker
a metal case that has a map on it
Kaufmann's Posographe - a pocketable analog exposure calculator
Design, Wd 40, Cool Designs
an inflatable chair sitting on top of a white floor
Blowing Armchair 2 — Seungjinyang
Made sturdy with epoxyresin so you can actually sit in them :)