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Naruto and Kurama quote

The jinchurikis before Naruto. Narutos different, he changed Kurama and became his friend.



Remake of "Best of Both Worlds" double page spread - MOJO

I think using the same picture for all four photo mods is a little bizarre although I like their geometric shape. Overall I think the design is lacking and the body text looks off because it's justified.

30 Double-Spread Magazine Ads That Will Make You Turn The Pages

Another examples of interactive design within a magazine. Things like this are good to get across a message and draw the reader in. It makes the magazine stand out as well.

Você pode me abraçar por toda a eternidade

Gaara wants hug! Me: I'll give you a hug! Oh god please don't hurt me I just said I wanted to give you a hug.

Younger and older - of each characters in naruto

Some of them looked so cute when they were small and some like rock lee look exactly the fucking it just me or are his eyebrows thicker?