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an old photo with sailboats in the water and blue flowers on the wall behind it
an assortment of folded papers and pictures with trees in the background, including paper origami
a collage of photos with tomatoes and people in the background, including an apple tree
three pieces of paper cut out to look like apples and oranges with leaves on them
Magazine Collage Fruit!
a man walking down the street in front of a building with graffiti writing on it
three square coasters with flowers painted on them sitting on a yellow and white tablecloth
brandie stonge
people are walking down the street with cut out figures
a bunch of grapes with green leaves and stars around them, on a white background
an image of cats and dogs made out of paper on a page in a notebook
a group of vegetables that are on top of each other
Surface pattern design and illustration Artist Educator Art teacher - Kate's Portfolio
Root vegetables celebrating growing your own, illustration painted as an original gouache painting by Kate Cooke