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several statues of rabbits lined up along a brick path in front of bushes and shrubbery
I thought this was over the top, when I realized that I have the same amount of dogs in my, if I could just get them to line up straight in front of boxwood hedges! right...... anyways, this is adorable!
some fake animals are in the grass near a pond and flowers on the ground,
ooh la frou frou: COULD SHE BE YOU
the topiary garden is shaped like a spiral staircase
Procvetok – это сообщество профессиональных биологов и опытных садоводов, которые помогут разобраться вам в любых вопросах садоводства и уходу за растениями.
Topiary art
a pathway that is surrounded by greenery
Alnwick Castle Gardens in Northumberland, England
two cats made out of grass sitting on top of a dirt road
Topiary Cats Sitting so Royally.
a man sitting on the ground next to an animal made out of plants
How beautiful and magical!