Cheyenne Apes-Holden

Cheyenne Apes-Holden

Cheyenne Apes-Holden
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those flowers tho...

American kestrel with wild roses by Kirsten Holliday @ Wonderland Tattoo - Portland, OR - these muted colors are nice

Sunflower tattoo - flower tattoo - flower art - floral

Shoulder placement/half sleeve Change the small flowers to Cornflowers, add pops of blue to the Cornflowers and pops of yellow to the Sunflowers, and change the rest to a sepia tone have me in a tattoo!

HOLY COW. I want Alice Carrier to finish my half sleeve!!! And she's in Portland!

My tattoo! kirstenmakestattoos: Kinda shitty after-hours photos of a really fun tattoo on basically the toughest lady ever. Thanks for sitting for this, Kara, you’re awesome.

kirsten makes tattoos

I got to do these fun little black and grey tattoos on Hannah and Chaucee today. Thanks, ladies! Chickadee + forsythia branch and a sprig of rosemary.