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ISTJ: Blood, because that is what's supposed to be there.

ENFP- Margarita mix If there was any doubts on my personality type it's gone now

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Problem Solving Process WHEEL "The problem solving process is a logical sequence for solving problems and improving the quality of decisions. It is also a guide to identifying which tools and techniques to apply.

Phonetic Alphabet/ Morse Code...I have always wanted to learn this and am determined to!

Phonetic/Morse Alphabet -- two things I have been wanting to learn for a long time.

the effect of positive emotions on health

Effect of positive emotions on health: help a person to overcome negative emotions faster and be more resilient and be able to cope with a difficult situation. People are more playful when happy, so that leads better physical fitness, regular exercise o

Lovely soft colors and details in your interiors. Latest Home Interior Trends.

Firewood Storage Ideas theownerbuilderne… Do you have a wood burning fireplace or even a fire pit at home? If you use one to make your house warm and cosy during the winter, you might want to look at this collection of great firewood storage ideas!