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Yes Emma, yes!!

100 points to Gryffindor! Once again the ora of Emma Watson conquers all.

This is everything and one of the many reasons I love this incredible series

What the Harry Potter books thought us. (Ron's though. you can overcome lack of confidence with confidence. lol ron is so much more than that)

yes our fandom is doing a lot of waiting for another book.

"I think Voldemort's pretty fit to be honest"( if u get this quote I love you)

What Would Hermione Do? by fryingsausage. I want this on a t-shirt.

What Would Hermione Do? by fryingsausage. I want this on a t-shirt.


OMG Ginny's Patronus is a horse which is similiar to the stag that Harry has O_O----and harry's patronus is a stag and snapes is a doe does that mean they are soul mates?

All about Snape

Finally Pottermore paid Professor Snape a tribute and posted a fact file about him. Though I really hoped they would reveal his wand wood and core.>> sure his wood is ebony, but Im not entirely sure about the core. My guess is dragon heartstring

WallPotter: Feitiços Harry Potter

WallPotter: Feitiços Harry Potter

Good to revise :D

Spells from Harry Potter saga

Harry Potter Infographic : The Hogwarts Houses on Behance

This was a student project to create an infographic from any element of the Harry Potter books. But not mine !

hogwarts steam

Muggle classes may be closer to the wizardry world than most people usually think. Here is an infographic that links Hogwarts classes to their potential real life equivalents.