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My prayer for every man and woman traveling life's journey... for life truly is not easy...

May God bless the woman deep within me, the woman I'm trying to be. May He mend where my heart is broken & fill every empty space. May God erase the fears of my past, to create in me a brighter future. May He make me slow to anger & quick to forgive.

jackson kiddard

What's that psychotherapist doing on my beach? We crabby hermits have seceded from the state of self-improvement!still learning

Isaiah 43:1-4 - Bible Scripture verses - Faith spiritual inspiration and growth.

Isaiah - Bible Scripture verses - Faith spiritual inspiration and growth. Wold be pogo so cute on a canvas!

Just stop and think about it and you'll find it is often true.

How deep is the mud? Depends on who you ask. We all go through the same stuff differently. - Image quote by Sayings


He is faithful when I am not. He is constant when I am not. He is everything when I am nothing. Yet He says that I am His.


A friend's husband told me I had more faith in love and marriage than he thought he ever would. The thing is, I have fatih in God and I believe that this statement is the ultimate truth. Test my faith. It will stand.


You belong to God. Bible quote "Whenever you feel unloved,unimportant or insecure, remember to whom you belong" Ephesians