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Bruce Springsteen & Brother Shannon
Bruce Springsteen & Brother Shannon | Antony Millen
an animated image of a man surrounded by black birds
Sam Millen - Carried Away (Official Music Video)
Sam Millen - Carried Away (Official Music Video)
a book cover with an image of a man standing in front of water
Duane Andrews
Duane Andrews
a man holding an acoustic guitar in front of a black background with the words rob currie take me back on it
Music Review: Take Me Back – Rob Currie
I never intended to review a music CD on this blog. I created it to promote my books. Along the way, however, it has served as another forum for me to express my thoughts about other things: other ...
a man standing next to a wooden sculpture with a light on it's face
an oil painting of trees and flowers by the water
Fine Art of Debbie Lamey-MacDonald
Fine Art of Debbie Lamey-MacDonald
a woman holding a violin in her right hand and posing for the camera with an award
.:.Official Site for Gillian Boucher.:.
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He Māori au.
ko maori au