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a large rock with an intricate design on it's side in the grass next to trees
Gyda lät resa stenen efter Tordjärv, sin man, Gudlögs son, och han bodde i Härvesta. Balle ristade stenen/Gyda erected stone after Tor Bold , her husband , godless son, and he lived in Härvesta . Balle carved stone. Uppland Sweden
a large stone with writing on it in a museum display area next to wooden walls
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The Sparlösa Runestone, Västergötland, Sweden This stone was found after a fire in a church in 1684, and promptly split in half for use in repairs to the church – people did not always realise the significance of these runestones. The two halves were removed and reunited in 1937. Much like the Rök runestone, the Sparlösa stone features both the younger and older Futhark runic alphabet. It also depicts images of a ship, various animals and birds, and two men.
a large stone with designs on it sitting in the middle of a grass covered field
Vikinga stridsrop - Sida 2
Another stone a female put up for her husband: "Ginnlög, Holmgers dotter, syster till Sygröd och till Göt, hon lät göra denna bro och resa denna sten efter Assur, sin man, son till Håkon jarl. Han var landvärnare mot vikingar med Geter. Gud hjälpe nu hans ande och själ."
a stone with writing on it sitting in the middle of some grass and trees behind it
Sö 192, runestone, Ytterselö socken, Södermanland by Bochum1805, via Flickr
a rock with an intricate design on it in the middle of a field next to trees
Viking Runestone from Sweden
Viking Runestone from Sweden
two pieces of cloth with designs on them, one in the shape of a hat
Sketch of Harald Bluetooth’s rune stone by Jon Skonvig. The National Museum.
a large stone sculpture sitting on top of a sidewalk
Rune stone in front of information center Kongernes Jelling in Jelling, Denmark
graffiti on the side of a brick building
Runestone built into the foundation of the church of Strängnäs
a large rock with intricate designs on it's side, sitting against a white wall
a large rock with an intricate design on it
Runesten Jelling 2
Jelling, Denmark.
a rock with designs on it in the dark
The Jelling Runestone: (A replica at the National Museum of Denmark) Original was raised by Harald Bluetooth, c. 965 as an indication of his authority and of the conversion from the old ways to christianity in order to better solidify his power and claims as sole ruler over Denmark. I am currently working on a paper for school surrounding this an other artifacts and on how authority was defined and obtained in the late Viking Age.
an old coat hanging on the wall next to a blue wall with writing and symbols
The Runic Ringerike Tombstone of St Paul's
This colourful "lion and snake" scene is from a reproduction of Gormsson's rune stone, painted in the bright colours that would have featured on the original.
a large stone with an ornate design on it
The Stallarholmen rune stone carved by Kalle the runestonecarver
The Stallarholmen vikings raised the stone to be a link from the past to the future
a rock with some writing on it and trees in the background
Somebody around here hath murdered sleep
rune stone ***Research for possible future project.