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a woman with long hair wearing a red and black dress is posing for a photo
Emma Samms
Emma Samms | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Curly Soap Stars - CurlTalk Tumblr, Emma Sams, Rihanna Short Hair, Fallon Carrington, 80s Celebrities, 80s Hair
Curly Soap Stars
Curly Soap Stars - CurlTalk
a woman standing on a balcony next to an old tv and holding her hand out
Emma Samms on December 8, 1986 at The Improv in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)
a woman with curly hair wearing a black and white dress holding a pink flower in her right hand
Emma Samms at TriviaTribute.com
Emma Samms once worked as a certified emergency medical technician in Los Angeles.
Emma Samms Pictures, Movie Trivia, Linda Evans, Vintage Actresses, Famous Actresses, Vintage Movie Stars, Uk History
Emma Samms at TriviaTribute.com
black and white photograph of a woman with large earrings on her head, wearing a dress
Emma Samms Princess of the 80's
a woman in a gold and black dress with her hand on her chin, posing for the camera
Emma Samms
a woman laying on top of a bed wearing black and white polka dot shirt with high heels
Remembering Nolan Miller: The Best of Dynasty Through the Years
Emma Samms wearing Nolan Miller w/ snow leopard trim... gasp! Hair... everything! Dynasty
a close up of a person with long red hair wearing a necklace and dress shirt
The Lady and the Highwayman (1989)
Emma Samms in The Lady and the Highwayman (1989) starring Hugh Grant and Lysette Anthony Actually 1600s hairstyle
80s Big Hair, 80's Hairstyle, 1980s Hair, I Love Redheads, 80s Girls
a woman in a pink dress smiling and wearing a necklace with pearls on her neck
Emma Samms