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writing prompt

My world domination actually quite good for the economy and world peace. Ever think of that, hero boy? No you didn't, because you are an idiot. I'm still not sure how you managed to defeat me.

dialogue prompt

dialogue prompt: "Seven billion people in the wold, and youre overreacting because we killed one man. Now quit the complaining and drink you smoothie.

#amWriting | How To Write A Great Story | Pixar infographic

Funny pictures about How To Write A Great Story. Oh, and cool pics about How To Write A Great Story. Also, How To Write A Great Story photos.

I feel like GUS would say this

They heard footsteps behind them, and I glanced behind us toward the beginning of the alley, we had hit a dead end. I looked up and saw a black something zooming in on us from above. I turned to my companion and said, "Do you trust me?