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multicolored shelves stacked on top of each other
Wooden Tetris Shelves Built From Various Stackable Block Shapes
Tetris book shelves! Game room here I come! I will purchase tetris lights too. And pillows... Hmm, is tetris themed too much?
a child is sitting on the floor playing with a rubik cube puzzle and it looks like he's trying to build something out of wood
Round pool tables | Custom pool tables
Awesome game room storage bin! Cubo di Rubik porta giochi Más
a table that has some glasses on it in front of a green couch and chair
pretty flippin' cool plexi side table... & it may be even cooler if it were lighted from below!
a clock made to look like a donut with sprinkles on it
DIY Donut Clock - Why Don't You Make Me?
DIY Donut Clock | Why Don't You Make Me
a clock with cats painted on it's face
Orologio da parete con 4 gattini. Realizzato in sabbia e legno https://www.facebook.com/nicart.sabbia
a clock with a black cat's face on it
Black Cat Wall Clock by Good Sense
I can't even tell time - why do I love these clocks so much?! Want one for every room.
an orange sliced in half on a white surface with black hands and second hand showing the time
Montessori toys, wooden and vinyl clocks, wooden lamps | Indigovento
Oranges & citrus are full of vitamin D !! <3 Sunshine & citrus = a much healthier "you"<3
a watermelon clock hanging on the side of a white brick wall with black numbers
Ohhh jeje
a clock made to look like a slice of watermelon on a white surface
9. Fruit Wall Clocks, $24
9. Fruit Wall Clocks, $24 | 35 Clocks That Look Amazingly Not Like Clocks