Anna Thomson

Anna Thomson

Resident of wellywood and my skymansion. Cat lover, tan lover, lawyer, National Party member and Louis Vuitton consumer. Happy ;) mother of 2 Devon Rex kittens
Anna Thomson
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Omo, the white giraffe. Living with her giraffe family in Tanzania.

Omo, the 15 month old white Giraffe spotted roaming with the rest of her herd at Tarangire National Park. Omo is leucistic not albino.


April the Giraffe with Ollie (baby 's Father) in the background. So beautiful. Giraffe close up Noses

Yeah...cause it's obviously so high lol!! I love the little "A Ten" as if a (male approval ) rating makes you a better woman. I'm all about if you want to be on any level let me give you a hand grrl...I'm not threatened by anyone's success and I'm happy to reach out if a sister needs a hand up. This stereotyping of women as envious and catty is really old.

You couldn't climb high or fast enough to reach me, bitch. I will always be the best and you can stop trying to be me (he hates you for that).

A unicorn: someone who knows they're magical and isn't afraid to show it.

Quote "A Unicorn is someone who knows they are magic and isn't afraid to…

It's all about themselves. The abuse of your trust, they may think it's clever of them but it only proves that they don't DESERVE to be trusted, and don't respect themselves enough to be authentic and transparent.

Look at another person's behavior toward you as a reflection of their relationship with themselves . Over time you will cease to react to that behavior.