Paper marbling

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an animal's blood cells are shown in this close up photo, with small dots on the surface
Free Vintage Texture Red Marbled - The Old Design Shop
Free Vintage Texture Red Marbled
a person holding a paintbrush in front of a painting
详细的 Paper Marbling 教程 / Ebru土耳其湿拓画教程 / 浮水染色技法教程 - kiinii APP,DIY手工制作教程频道
Ebru Ebru Art, Watch Art, Marbling Fabric, Water Marbling, Organized Chaos, Islamic Pattern
Organized Chaos
an artistic painting being displayed on a table with paintbrushes and other art supplies
an abstract painting with green and brown colors on the wall, as if it was made out of paper
Marbled paper by Susan Pogany
an abstract painting with blue, red and white swirls in the center is shown
Ebru / marbled paper by Zaynep Uysal Kog, Atelier de Papier Marbre
an abstract background with pink, beige and black swirls
Modern 20th c. marbled paper, Whirl pattern
Modern 20th c. marbled paper, Cathedral pattern - Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection - University of Washington Digital Collections
a close up view of a colorful fabric with circles and dots on blue, yellow, red, and orange colors
an image of green and red marbled paper with swirly designs on the surface
EBRU (Marbling)
EBRU (Marbling)
an abstract blue and silver background with wavy lines in the center, as well as swirls
Modern 20th c. marbled paper, Icarus pattern