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a magazine cover with an image of a hand reaching out to another hand that says, never let me go also
The role of textures in contemporary graphic design
a poster with the words rethik and an image of a woman's torso
13+ Product Flyer Design Ideas, Examples & Templates - Daily Design Inspiration #40
an image of a man running in front of a sign that says montreux 1933
JR follows Keith Haring, Milton Glaser and Bowie in designing Montreux Jazz Festival poster
the front and back cover of a book with pink ink on it, which reads we work for women
Interior Design - Home Decor Heart
a poster with the words art is displayed on it's face and back side
I think the transparent type is very interesting and the bright color catches your eye compared to the more neutral colors of the picture
an old poster with black and red stripes on the bottom, and white lettering that reads graphic
Graphic Design Inspiration on Speckyboy Design Magazine
- Strong alignment throughout this design. Type lockup provides a column for the copy. - Hierarchy achieved through weight and colour of type. . Tension achieved through the stretched characters in the type lockup and the use of negative space.
a map with the words leave no trace in red and black on top of it
Dark Side of Typography
onwander: No. 50 / Travis Ladue · Dark Side of Typography
a blue and white book with the words beach town on it
The Alvaro Dominguez Foundation
ALVARO DOMINGUEZ — Amy Hempel's "The Collected Stories"
an abstract black and white painting with lines in the shape of a spiral, on a dark background
Contours 2.01, vaughn horsman