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a map showing the location of several major cities
Detailed administrative map of Cambodia. Cambodia detailed administrative map | | Maps of all countries in one place
a tree with the words 2 weeks in cambodia sample itinerary on top and bottom
2 weeks in Cambodia- Travel Guide - Discovering the world
2 Weeks in Cambodia: Sample Itinerary - FreeYourMindTravel
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a field
Angkor, Cambodia
two pictures with the words bokor hill station on them and an image of a building in
Bokor Hill Station, A Ghost Town In Cambodia
Bokor Hill Station is a small French ghost town & casino lying on a 1000 meter high mountain, a completely abandoned complex surrounded by clouds & mystery.
an image of the inside and outside of a building with trees in front of it
The Temples of Angkor - Hecktic Travels
Tips and suggestions for planning at visit to the Temples of Angkor, Cambodia. #traveltips
an old building with the words cambodia travel tips over it
Travel to Cambodia
Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia located along the Indochina peninsula. It was once referred to as the Khmer Empire. Here's what you can expect when traveling to Cambodia.
a wooden dock leading to an island in the middle of blue water with trees on it
JG’s Black Blog - JG Black Book Collection
Koh Rong, Cambodia
a hammock hanging from a tree over the ocean with boats in the background
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Koh Rong- Monkey Island Cambodia
several boats are docked in the water near some houses and palm trees on the shore
17 Places To Travel Before They Get Famous
Koh Rong, Cambodia. Visiting Cambodia is like stepping into a screensaver. Stay in a bungalow, go snorkeling, visit fishing villages. This place is like Thailand 20 years ago.
the beach is lined with huts and lounge chairs
Sok San Bungalows on Koh Rong Island. SihanoukVille, Cambodia.
Sok San Bungalows on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia - there are flights to Phnom Penh from all over Asia and tourism is just about to boom, so now is the time to discover Cambodias beaches
two people sitting on a bench looking out at the ocean
Cambodia’s Sweet Spot (Published 2012)
Koh Rong Island, coast of Cambodia...gotta get there before it's overrun by developers....
several people are riding in a small cart down the tracks on a narrow track that is surrounded by trees and grass
All aboard the Bamboo Train: A Cambodian Commute
Bamboo Train, Battambang, CAMBODIA
a small boat in the water next to a beach with houses on stilts and palm trees
10 Hidden Islands You've Never Heard Of
Koh Rong, Cambodia - Don't Miss: Swimming at night in bioluminescent waters, with phosphorescent plankton that sparkle and glow when disturbed by movement. Getting There: Koh Rong is accessible via a two-hour ferry ride from Sihanoukville.
an elaborately designed building in the middle of a garden
Cambodia Guide - Be My Travel Muse
National Museum in Phnom Penh