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What scares me is that I found out it WAS all a massive lie and then some! Recovery from Narcissist/Sociopath abuse

Behind every cranky, complicated girl or girl who is scared to love is. A girl who is tired of being broken.

i don't like depending on people because people leave all the time. becuase at the end of the day all you have is yourself and that has to be enough. Sad but true for me.

15/19 every week, multiple times.

19 Things Never to Say to Someone with Endometriosis. People say it to me and I just wanna smack them . You have no clue

#Depression, #Anxiety, #Chronic fatigue

Endometriosis - like many invisible illnesses, it can have a knock-on effect on your whole life, and people often don't even know it's there! Covance is starting trials into new treatments for endometriosis and fibroids.

Birth control is one big area where many people, even if they have an organic approach to many other areas of their lives, default to pharmaceuticals.

Well, actually sometimes it feels like a bomb about to go off.and then fall out.