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Creamy Chicken Soup---the absolute BEST soup on the planet!!! {The Cookie Rookie}
Texting is such an easy way to show some you care.  It's easy to send sweet  messages when you're just beginning a relationship.  When you're getting to  know someone text flirting might seem easy.But for most of us in long term  commitments, texting loses its sweetness over time.  The longer you're  together the more likely your texts become tasks lists, to-dos, and grocery  store items.  Getting the sweetness back is easy, and only takes a few  seconds time commitment.  Just cut and paste…
Beautiful DIY Paper Lamps
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I'm doing this with the Denver skyline instead when I go to college downtown!
DIY Cards DIY Paper Craft : DIY Simple 3D Gift Card DIY Projects
One square yard of fabric turned into a vest/wrap with just one cut. No sewing! whatttttt i have to do that!!
healthy and cute kids snack for after school- snails out of celery and apple slices