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The Percy Jackson Fandom

Our awesome with the mind of a child and some really idiotic poses on camera<<<< It's o. Rick we all love you!


I do this all the time~~I don't understand why these are always teenager posts, adults do this too (and most of the other relatable teen things)

I am proud. Our fandom is finally getting noticed!

The supernatural fandom took us under their wing. I feel like the supernatural fandom is our big brother now, anyone agree?<<< i'm not even part of the supernatural fandom but yes now we have a hijack post

"Who's Percy Jackson?" Me: ...... Person:.......... Me:.........PART 1!!!! He's SASSY, 50% SEAWEED, 50% BRAIN, PERFECTION.

Percy Jackson I pinned it before but I didn't remember what book it was from until I JUST read that part (The House of Hades, The Heroes of Olympus Series, not Percy Jackson) so I'm pinning it again!


I'm a girl and idk how to do the towel thing.<<I'm a girl and I know how to do the towel thing but my hair is too short for me to utilise the skill<<<<I'm a girl and I do it every night after my shower

<3 this - skulduggery pleasant quote

If only we could jump into books whenever we please and possibly rearrange some events so your fav character wont die and the ship can live on! *goes of to sob about Ganith*

Go Rick

Go Rick>> yes! The book is not based of the movie and is way better than those movies combined==> my theory is that they said "demigod called Percy? Let's make a movie based on that exact information!