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Get that shoulder POP in your 50s!
Women! Let’s build some muscle. 💪 I would say that this workout is not a beginner workout, though I do have plenty of those on YouTube. Our new program How To Build Muscle As You Age 2.0 , is also available in advanced or beginner. Workout: (these are the amounts that I left, always lift within your own abilities) 12 reps/3 sets Lawnmower 15 pounds Around the world lateral raise 8 pounds Reverse fly 10 pounds Single military press 15 pounds Single bent over wide row 15 pounds Poliquin raise 5 pounds Bent over W 8 pounds Palms up front raise 10 pounds
This Is How I Lost 50 Pounds
Want toned inner thighs without the intense workouts? ������ Dive into this easy yet effective inner thigh exercise, designed especially for the 'lazy girls' out there! Perfect for beginners or those days when you're just not feeling a heavy workout. Say hello to toned legs with minimal effort! ������✨ #LazyGirlWorkouts #InnerThighs #EasyFitness #WeightLossForWomen
Arm workout
quick arm workout!
Reduce Arm Fat Workout
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an image of a woman doing exercises with dumbbells for the first time in her life
21 Day Arm Sculpting
Sculpted Shoulders in my 50's!
at home arm workout 💪✨
TikTok · Brianna Joye Kohn ✨
a woman doing exercises with dumbbells to build her arms and back full workout
How To Weight loss Plan That Works For Easily & Without Diet
an image of a woman doing the toned legs exercises for beginners to do
Toned legs
Workout with unbelievable results 🤯
a poster showing how to do the lower belly workout