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Matariki - the face of god\goddess. In some Maori traditions the star cluster of Pleides is called Matariki, the seven sisters.


"Ka kitea a Matariki" It's nice to see the artist has the correct orientation of Matariki - very rare indeed.


Kids guide to easy string figures, games, and tricks with video clips: Cat's Cradle, Eiffel Tower, Cup & Saucer, Witch's Broom, Soldier's Bed, Candles, The Manger, Diamonds, The Cat's Eye, Jacob's Ladder, & with a 2nd player.


Moonlight Tipis Canvas Print / Canvas Art by John Guthrie

After Van Gogh - Starry Night by Bruce Bodden (Painting - Glow In The Dark Acrylic On Canvas)

Goddess Matariki

Goddess Matariki’s themes are stars, harvest and peace. Her symbols are stars and the number 7. In Polynesian tradition, this Goddess and Her six children became the Pleiades, and they continue to help humans by showing us when to begin harvesting the labors of hand or heart.