Famous pubs in london

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an alley way in the city with brick buildings on both sides and red awnings
Fuller's Pub and Restaurant in Covent Garden
an alley way with buildings and people walking down it
London Itinerary for Book Lovers - A Literary Guide to Exploring the City
Pub Crawl, Pub Signs, London Cafe, Pub
The Gipsy Moth Pub Greenwich by David Pyatt
the outside of a building with flowers on it's windows and tables in front
an old brick building with flower boxes on the roof and windows above it's entrance
Prospect of Whitby, Wapping, London 20140907_133426
a drawing of the front of a pub on a city street with flowers growing out of it
The Prospect of Whitby
the corner of a street with a store front and windows on it's side
a blue building with plants on the top of it's roof and window sill
Lemon Tree | Photo.net
the globe pub in dublin, ireland is painted red and has potted plants on it
The Globe
a red building with potted plants on the outside
an alley way with red planters and buildings
an old brick building with plants growing on the front and side of it's windows
an old black and white building in the middle of town
people are standing outside of the restaurant in front of the building with flowers on it
Time to Discover: The Oldest Pubs in London — London x London