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this is an image of a painting with colors and shapes on it's surface
Art Lessons for Kids: Color Theory Made Easy
For my whole class art project, each student does one, then make a "quit" out of them for display. Can talk about circles and geometry too- turns it into a math lesson!
an orange and red blurry image with black background
Simile Art Created by 2nd Graders - Lenka's Song - Everything at Once
I've used this song with my students. It has over 30 similes. I did three activities with it. Allowed them to first just listen to it with the lyrics showing on YouTube. Next, I told them to write as many as they could in their journals while listening to the song. I allowed the kids to pick one of the similes in the song and do an illustration (with help from art teacher). I am going to make a video with their pics using the song! The video is complete!
four different images of the same person doing tricks
Movable Mummies
Movable Mummies |
two pictures showing how to make a ghost - shaped halloween costume for someone's house
Rootbeer bottle, Styrofoam ball, wire. Drap cheese cloth over top and spray with starch until hard. Blow dry until dry, remove cheese cloth and glue on two felt eyes. Homemade ghost
three mason jars with faces painted on them sitting in front of a black wall, lit up by candles
Jack-O-Lantern Jar Tutorial
Jack-o-lantern jar tutorial
a plate with bananas, oranges and other foods on it that are decorated to look like jack - o'- lanterns
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Banana ghosts tangerine pumpkins awesome halloween snack idea
the spider is made out of yarn and glue
Halloween crafts - spiders
a white ball with black spider webs hanging from it's side in front of a window
Halloween Orb Spider Web Craft
Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Halloween Orb Spider Web Craft
three bats hanging from a string on a wooden table
How to make peg bats for Halloween: Video
Make Halloween Peg Bats | Halloween Crafts | Kids Activities