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a painting of a woman in a long red dress with trees and sky behind her
Paula Jones Art
There's always hope....I've had a few days lately that I've felt pretty hopeless. Everything in Taos is completely out of my control. And so...I did what so many artists do when they are conflicted. I disappeared into my studio...and let my mind go....and painted from my soul. There's always hope little one...even in the tree that is dormant...the promise of spring is coming. You have this.
an abstract painting of three people standing in front of each other with a bird on their head
Paintings - Paula Jones Art
We Stand With Standing Rock (48 x 60)
an abstract painting of two people standing in front of a cityscape with orange and yellow colors
Paintings - Paula Jones Art
We ARE the Seventh Generation (20 x 24)
a painting of a woman holding an umbrella
Paintings - Paula Jones Art
Always Protected (24 x 24)
Shaman by Paula jones Road
Paintings - Paula Jones Art
Shaman by Paula jones
an oil painting of a woman walking down a path in the middle of a field
Paintings - Paula Jones Art
Radiance (40 x 40) by Paula Jones
an angel painting with the words i am love written on it
Paula Jones Art
And finally put my finger on it. I haven't painted! I laid down to rest...after beating myself up...just mildly...for not doing one thing or another...and I heard it.. A whisper. You. Are. Love. I AM love.
an oil painting of two people standing in the middle of a field with tall trees
Paula Jones Fine Artist
a painting with the words strength written in white and red on it's side
Paintings - Paula Jones Art
Painting by Paula Jones
an abstract painting of a white bird with outstretched wings on a brown background, painted in oils and acrylic paint
Paintings - Paula Jones Art
Shadow and Light (24 x 30)
an oil painting of five people standing in a row with their backs to the camera
Shelby McQuilkin - Paintings for Sale
ARTFINDER: The Only Two People by Shelby McQuilkin - When my husband and I first met, it was like we were the only two people in the world. It was kinda beautiful to me, but we were often criticized and tease...