Christchurch as I remember it

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an old church lit up at night with trees in the foreground
Christchurch New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand. Cathedral pre-earthquake. Cathedral Square. The hub of the city. So beautiful.
an arch in the middle of a brick walkway
Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch
an aerial view of a city square with people walking around and buildings in the background
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Christchurch CBD before 2011 quake.
an overpass on the side of a road with traffic lights and signs below it
Lyttelton road tunnel Lyttelton entrance 2000
the mountains are covered in snow as seen from across the river, with houses and buildings on either side
Fuck Yeah New Zealand
a fountain in the middle of a park filled with water
Botanical Gardens Christchurch. NZ landscape Ideas.
Botanical Gardens Christchurch. NZ I should get a fountain like this!
an old black and white photo of people loading luggage onto a bus
Baby transport in New Zealand, c.1950s
1952 Christchurch Transport Board (NZ) AEC Regal IV with either Crossley or Park Royal body (fleet number obscured by the prams). It was common practice to dangle prams, pushchairs and bicycles from the hangers on the front of a bus.
a man standing in front of a white building with a green dome on the top
,Edmonds Band Rotunda lost in the 2011 earthquake.
two water fountains spewing out from each other
Christchurch Fountains
Christchurch, New Zealand
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings
cathedral square christchurch, pre quake. Oh wow! had forgotten how much we have lost!
a woman standing in front of a food truck with an ice cream cone on it
An oldskool ice cream van at the New Brighton Beach #icecream #beach #oldskool #van #vintagecar #summer #christchurch #newzealand by NKhalaman, via Flickr
the bridge of remembrance is built on top of an old stone arch
Bridge of Remembrance in Christchurch New Zealand. Memorial to all the fallen from war and in a way to the city that was....
a yellow boat sitting on top of a wooden dock next to a body of water
New Zealand: Christchurch... here I have paddled down the river!....