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Black Phoenix: Cables Pack. 50% OFF! — Vitaly Bulgarov

looking at different wires and cabeling and how they might look on the pillar.

Project Prometheus, Join the Mission

Beautifully rendered in the Project Prometheus Training Center challenges users with a series of physical and cognitive assessments to see if they

Bunker, photograph by Marc Wilson, in Portland, Dorset, England.

Portland, Dorset, England, from The Last Stand - Marc Wilson (via The Last Stand: Photographs by Marc Wilson: Places: Design Observer)

Bunker concepts by on @deviantART

The perspective is very messy and the palette is all over the place but it was good practice and I think it gets the idea across clearly enough. Learned a lot!

Weapon design from EXTEEL the fast paced 3D sci-fi MMO shooter

Some weapon concept arts from Exteel. A game by NCsofts. I was really sad when they shut it down in I couldn’t find the artists behind these designs tho, but whoever they are, they are awesome!