Jack and the beanstalk

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there is a green table with toys on it in the middle of a room filled with children's books
Jack and the beanstalk, small world
a child's play area with toys and construction tape on the ground in front of it
Jack and the Beanstalk role play area. Golden goose and eggs stolen - crime scene!
a tray filled with lots of different items on top of a table
Jack and the beanstalk fine motor skill activity. Includes writing too!
a blue plate topped with lots of different types of buttons and beads next to wooden sticks
Jack & The beanstalk playdough
a tray filled with dirt and gardening utensils
Jack and the Beanstalk seeds and beans investigation tray EYFS
a child's play table made out of legos and other toys on the ground
Jack and the beanstalk eyfs nursery small world
a cartoon girl holding onto a tree branch with leaves on it and the sky in the background
Jack and the Beanstalk Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten
Jack and the Beanstalk Activities
a blue tray filled with green vegetables on top of a table
Jack and the Beanstalk
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a plastic container filled with lots of gravel and a paper plate sitting on top of it
Jack and the Beanstalk Sensory Bin and Story Retelling Activity
When telling simple stories create a sensory bin to engage the children, give them each a turn to visit the sensory bin. The example in the picture is a jack and the beanstalk sensory bin.
a collage of photos showing the steps to make a tree with paper and glue
Count and Climb with Jack and the Beanstalk
Count with Jack in this fun and easy interactive Jack and the Bean Stalk activity! Great for preschoolers!