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All my life I thought air was free. until I bought a bag of chips.

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Oh, but this is an excellent prank! I probably wouldn't use Nicholas Cage, but this is still an awesome prank!

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Ah, the Christmas llamas. I love the Christmas llamas. What are the Christmas llamas? But I love them

35 Pics And Memes To Improve Your Mood

35 Pics And Memes To Improve Your Mood [ "Is it a pun or nah?", "This just made me think of Youngjae trying to pronounce dandelion correctly, and failing

36 Funny Quotes And Sayings

Chips contain potato… Potato is a vegetable… Chips and chocolate count as two of my 5 a day

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Thief prank X GAG, Its time to Laugh Out Loud, Every Day! We post new funny images every day to help cheer you up and we hope make you laugh out loud!

Mind... Blown!Omg I Wonder If This Is Why They Named It Pie!! Lol

Today is Pi Day, for obvious reasons. Pi is a Greek letter representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, a mathematical constant. If a circle's diameter is one, its circumference is approximately Happy Pi day.

Omg the second one xD

Some useless movie facts.also don't call hogwarts.its not hogwarts