Loki and Peter

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the text is written in black and white on a piece of paper that reads, scenes i need
6 Ways A Avenger Meme Lies To You Everyday April 2019
an image of a text message on a cell phone with the words peter, peter, peter
Marvel Cinematic Universe
I don't know why this is so f*cking funny XD
the text is written in black and white
LOKI WHY WOULD YOU MAKE PETER CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!😥😥!!!!!!!!!!!
an image of some cartoon characters in the same drawing style, one is holding a cup and
The Little Alien Who Could
The hat that’s says “everything hurts and I’m dying” is a Thomas Sanders Instagram reference.
the avengers movie is shown in two different languages, with one saying that it's not
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Looking at the uncle loki in the sight of peter #marvel #loki #spiderman #cosplayclass
an image of two comics with one woman talking to the other, and another man holding a cell phone
drawings or sth
an image of two people hugging each other with the caption that reads, i'm only known person but then a day
Me with a short small friend